Body Courses

Body Courses

Ever dreamt of a career where your touch transforms lives? Orane’s Body Therapy course transforms your passion for wellness into a fulfilling profession. Under this course, you’ll master the fundamentals of body massage therapy, setting the stage for a rewarding journey.

Why is Such a Body Massage Therapy Course Perfect for You?

  • Fast-paced and comprehensive: Gain essential knowledge in personal health, anatomy, body massage techniques, and more, making it an ideal alternative to spa therapist diploma programs.
  • Skill mastery: Hone your craft in body massage, figure diagnosis, and equipment use, preparing you for diverse career paths.
  • Open doors to opportunity: It is also a perfect spa course. You can become a spa therapist or holistic health practitioner, explore exciting possibilities in wellness centers, fitness studios, and health resorts, and even set up your own setup.

It’s more than just a course it’s an investment in your future:

  • Affordable and flexible: Invest in your career without breaking the bank since the cost of this course is more affordable than most body massage course fees.
  • Expert guidance: Learn from experienced instructors who are passionate about the field.
  • Recognized qualification: You will get a valuable diploma that opens doors to rewarding careers.

Orane International

Body Courses

Diploma in Body Therapy


Diploma In Body Therapy

Course Duration:

1 Month | 52 hours

Level Type:

ODQ7 – Level 3

Have you ever dreamed of a career where your hands become healing tools and your touch is a language of well-being? This is what you can expect in the world of body therapy—a journey where science meets artistry and your passion for wellness blossoms into a fulfilling career. You can begin your successful career in this field by joining Orane’s diploma in body therapy course.  

Within just one month, Orane’s Diploma in Body Therapy program equips you with the skills and knowledge to unlock a diverse world of possibilities. As a student, you will be on the comprehensive exploration of personal health, anatomy intricacies, advanced therapeutic techniques, and body massage therapy, setting the stage for an exciting venture into the world of body therapy. The skills you will learn in this course can certainly make it an ideal substitute for a spa therapist diploma program.

  • Orane International offers a diploma course in body therapy to start your career as a body therapist
  • This massage therapy course empowers the candidates with all the necessary and advanced theoretical and practical knowledge related to body therapy
  • Join ORANE International for this spa course to master the fundamental skills of body therapy. If you are looking to pick an ideal course among many full massage courses, you should consider this course. 
diploma in body therapy course

This program has all the ingredients of comprehensive massage therapy courses, and it includes the following : 

  • Cultivate insights into Personal Health, Hygiene & Presentation.
  • Unravel the intricacies of Cell Structure and Function.
  • Dive deep into the realm of Tissues and their varied types.
  • Master the nuances of Metabolism, BMR & BMI.
  • Develop skills in Figure Diagnosis and correcting Postural Faults.
  • Explore the Skeletal System and Muscular Systems.
  • Understand the dynamics of the Lymphatic System.
  • Hone your craft in the art of Body Massage.
  • Navigate the essentials of Electric equipment use in body therapy and related Safety Precautions.
  • Application of Infra-Red Heat Treatment.
  • Gain insights into Cellulite and effective treatment methods.
  • Sills to use advanced Body Machines for detoxification, Weight, loss, including G-5, Body Faradic, and Vacuum Suction.
  • Grasp the significance of Diet and Nutrition in holistic well-being.
  • Body Consultation Sheet.
  • Soft skills training.
Diplome in body therapy
  • Spa and Wellness Centers: As a certified body therapist, students can offer rejuvenating massages and body treatments, providing clients with a holistic wellness experience.
  • Fitness and Yoga Studios: Students gain knowledge of body movement therapies that can lead them to collaborate with fitness studios. 
  • Holistic Health Practitioner: They can use their massage and body movement therapy expertise to establish themselves as holistic health practitioners.
  • Health Resorts and Retreats: Become part of exclusive health resorts and retreats as spa and massage executives, contributing to the well-being of guests through their specialized body therapy skills. 
  • Educator and Trainer: There is always the possibility of gaining enough experience to feel confident enough to share the acquired knowledge and passion as an educator in the field. 
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures: Leverage the skills you have gained to start your own body therapy practice. 

By enrolling in the Diploma in Body Therapy at ORANE International, you are not just learning a skill but unlocking a diverse array of career possibilities. 

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