Diploma In Body Therapy

Course Duration:

1 Month | 52 hours

Level Type:

ODQ7 – Level 3

Course Details:

  • Orane International offers a diploma course in body therapy to start your career as a body therapist
  • This massage therapy course empowers the candidates with all the necessary and advanced theoretical and practical knowledge related to body therapy
  • Join ORANE International for this spa course to master the fundamental skills of body therapy. If you are looking to pick an ideal course among many massage courses, you should consider this course

Things You Will Learn!

  • Body therapy is generally used to describe –
    • Massage therapies
    • Body movement therapies
    • Chiropractic
    • Yoga
    • Osteopathy
  • Our body therapy course gives you training in the skeletal system, muscular system, cells, tissue, metabolism, lymphatic system, exercises and much more
  • The timeline of the course is one month

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