Certificate In Barbering 39 Hours

Program Duration

39 hours with flexible instruction scheduling (1-2 days per week) with our master barbering instructor.

Admission Requirements

19 years or older interested in working in the field of barber speciality

Course Details:

This 39-hour certificate speciality program is composed of several key point classes in men’s hair cutting, clipper work, hot shaves, and current men’s barbering skills suited solely for the person who is seeking direct entry to the profession of barbering for the purpose of only performing men’s barbering services in a barber shop. The 39 hours of training can also be credited towards the full 1500-hour Hairstyling Diploma Program (both men’s and women’s hairstyling) recognized by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education Private Training Institutions Branch as an approved program.

The successful certificate holder will be able to seek employment as a Professional Barber.

The course also covers Male Hair Tattooing, giving you an upper hand over your fellow hairdressers.

Learning Objectives

  • Project a positive attitude and a sense of personal integrity and self-confidence
  • Effective communication skills, visual poise, and proper grooming
  • Respect the need to deliver worthy service for value received in an employer-employee relationship
  • Perform basic manipulative skills in the areas of men’s hairstyling, hair cutting, clipper work, hot shaves, and current men’s barbering trends
  • Perform the basic analytical skills to determine proper hairstyle for the client’s overall image
  • Apply learned theory, technical information, and related matter to assure sound judgements, decisions, and procedures

At the end of this program, students will be able to demonstrate a knowledge of barbering industry; including professional skills, trends, and methods for career development.

Methods of Evaluation

Students are assigned lesson studies and given a number of practical score sheets (rubrics) for program tasks development. Theory is evaluated after each unit of study. Practical are evaluated as completed through rubrics evaluation sheets, textbook procedures and performance standards established by industry standards competency. Students must maintain a standard of 70% and pass a final written and practical exam to meet the requirements for graduation. Students must makeup failed or missed tests and incomplete assignments.

This program has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.


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