Orane International College, British Columbia (OIC) has pledged its allegiance for safeguarding its students, clients and employees during these COVID ridden times. This process note shall cover population comprising of individuals who can vary widely in age, gender, ability, race, ethnicity / culture, and other factors.

We understand and acknowledge that all services within the Professional Beauty Industry carry maximum risk in this viral environment due to the nature of the training and services provided (tagged with inability to maintain social distancing). The staff has been trained to mitigate and control the risks involved. 

1) Personal Protection Gear:

Faculties & Students:

  • N-95 Masks &/or disposable three layered masks
  • Gloves are mandatory.
  • Disposable gowns should be worn while conducting practical trainings in the class.
  • Aprons

Clients for Salon Services:

  • Mandatory wearing of masks indoors in working areas, retail and public areas by staff, students, and clients is required in accordance with BC Health Officer and Workplace BC.

2) Necessary Measures For Avoiding Any Risks Of Viral Infection:

Mandatory Temperature Scanning:  Temperature checking shall be done at the entrance of the College & Salon. Students/Staff/Visitors running fever would be turned away and asked to attend online classes or return for service after recovery.

Mandatory Hand Hygiene: Proper hand hygiene is documented to be an essential action to reduce the spread of viral illness. Sanitizer dispensers have been installed at all entrances of the OIC & Salon. Frequent hand washing shall be advocated to everyone inside the premise during the day.

Distancing:We acknowledge the necessity of maintaining social distance between every soul inside the premise. For students’ security, marked empty seats shall be placed between occupied ones to ensure distancing. For Teaching Staff, they have been sensitised with the pros and cons of maintaining social distance from students and other visitors. For Salon Clients, the visitation shall be properly done in organized fashion, as explained in the next point.

Customer Interactions: The following mandates shall apply to manage/reduce the number of patrons with limited interactions:

Appointments:All services must be scheduled with adequate time intervals between appointments to properly clean and disinfect. Client service bookings will be spaced out by 15 minutes to allow for proper cleaning and sanitization protocols of work stations, tools and public areas to help prevent the spread of the virus. The overall operations’ Head shall be responsible to give staff ample time to disinfect and clean themselves after every client service. Patrons shall be requested to wait inside their cars or outside the premise until they are called in for service. 

No “high risk” services (e.g. Facials, threading) that prevent the customer’s ability to wear a mask in accordance with Work Safe BC recommendations and guidelines.

Double Booking: This shall be avoided at all times until the Covid scare is past us.

Handshaking shall be discouraged inside the entire premise (College as well as Salon). 

Payments: Cashless payment system will be preferred mode of payment. If the POS
equipment has to be tapped in by the client or student for entering PIN, then it shall be disinfected after every use.

No magazines or newspaper shall be displayed to discourage chance of infection.

Disinfection: OIC shall ensure disinfection of communal spaces or equipment at regular intervals, especially:

  • Door handles on main entrance and restrooms
  • Classrooms
  • Restrooms
  • Reception desk
  • Sales/counselling counter
  • Point of Sale (POS) equipment
  • Service stations (ESP Foot/nail or waxing counters)
  • Displays


  • Public Coffee or water stations
  • Magazines / Books / Newspapers for communal reference
  • Product testers / samples
  • Multi use cream products

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