A Better Way to Understand The Beauty and Makeup Courses Training

Date: August 23, 2019

Beauty and Makeup Courses Training

Beauty and professional makeup courses have become one the most-sought after vocational and job-oriented courses in recent times. The single-most reason for the popularity of makeup and best beauty courses in India is that they make you employable in a matter of just few months or even weeks. The beauty and wellness industry is high-paying and a person with minimal education in India cannot match the earnings of a beauty professional with the same level of education background.

If you wish to be a beauty therapist, makeup artist, hair designer, cosmetologist, or any other professional in the beauty industry, but are not able to make up your mind whether you should enroll in a makeup and beauty course, then here are five things that will help you understand why professional training is a must if you want to be successful as a beautician. Let’s delve.

Professional training is paramount for navigating the nuances of beauty and makeup, and five key aspects underscore its importance. From mastering the latest techniques and trends to gaining hands-on experience and building a robust network, these courses provide a comprehensive foundation for aspiring beauticians. Additionally, they offer invaluable insights into client psychology and business management, essential for thriving in the industry. Ultimately, investing in professional training not only hones one’s skills but also opens doors to a rewarding and fulfilling career in the dynamic realm of beauty and wellness.

1. Start Right, Earn Big

First and foremost, the moment you enroll at a beauty school, no time is wasted in acquiring professional skills that make you the in-demand professional workforce. If you are starting your beauty and makeup training in a reputable makeup academy like Orane Beauty Institute in Rajpura, the employers know what skillset you bring on board and what to expect from you. There are many beauty aspirants who rather than joining the right beauty and makeup course, join beauty parlors with the aim to acquire skills, however, they end up wasting years working as an assistant who gets paid way less than those who learn professionally and then land a job at reputable beauty parlors, salons, derma clinics, wellness resorts and alike.

2. Expert Guidance

During your beauty, makeup, hair or nail art training course, you get trained under the expert guidance of certified beauty professionals. Orane International School of Beauty and Wellness is accredited to NSDC Skill India Mission and B&W SSC, as well as international certifications like CIBTAC & CIDESCO. Our faculty meets the standards laid out by these accreditation frameworks, NSDC and hence the trainees benefit immensely when they learn their craft from highly-skilled trainers.

3. Theory & Practical

While pursuing a beauty or makeup course, trainees follow organized theory and practical sessions. In-depth knowledge is imparted during theory classes that make trainees insightful about their area of expertise. On the other hand, during practical sessions trainees acquire hands-on expertise and hence confidence of the art of makeup, beauty therapies, haircuts and so on.

4. Trial & Error

To error is human, and making mistakes is bound to happen when you are at a learning stage. There’s ample space for trial and error and honing your skills during beauty and makeup courses at Orane Beauty Institute. There are faculty members to correct you every time you make a mistake and help you with the corrective action.

5. Latest Tools & Products

Beauty industry is fast evolving and technically advanced in today’s time. Any good beauty parlor or salon would require you to have thorough knowledge of various cosmetic and makeup products, as well as experience of working on various beauty and styling tools. It is only in an excellent beauty and makeup academy like Orane Beauty Institute in Rajpura, you get to try your hands on latest makeup and beauty products and tools.

6. Certification

A certificate in beauty, makeup, or hair from a leading beauty school adds authenticity to your resume. These certifications are earned only after clearing the theory as well as practical sessions of your chosen course.

7. Placement Assistance

Lastly, when you successfully complete your beauty or makeup training course, our placement team assists you in getting hired at leading beauty parlors and salons. Thereby you are not alone in your resolve to acquire skills and become financially independent. At Orane, we’ve got your back!

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