A Huge Success of a Grand Event: Orane 3rd International Seminar

Date: April 6, 2020

Thousands of students are already inspired to fly high with their dreams. Give wings to your aspirations and grow your career in beauty industry. Orane will help you to meet your dreams of becoming a specialized beauty expert.

We are glad to tell you a huge success of our 3rd international seminar (29 March 2017- 18 April 2017) held at many locations around North India. This event was organised in our most popular north region centres like Chandigarh, Patiala, Barnala, Phagwara, Kapurthala, Hoshiarpur, Bhopal, Faridkot, Zira, Rampuraphul, Kurukshetra, Jalandhar, Jagron, and many other locations.

Orane hosted this grand event with UK based Susan Butler, a famous beauty expert and direct examiner from CIBTAC, an internationally approved beauty platform. With a sole prime goal, the event targets to counsel each and every question of a young mind that may arise to choose the right career path.

After creating a huge success in previous events (1st and 2nd International Seminars), Orane planned another grand event to create awareness among the youth about career opportunities in the fastest growing beauty industry.  Students were excited to hear Susan Butler and her expert opinion to shape their career in beauty industry. It is expected that approx 6000 students eyed this grand event and more than 1000 students are keen to join the course.

From day one of conference itself, big crowds of audiences were there to know about growing scopes of beauty, health, and makeup. Susan Butler helped to aware the upcoming career prospects of beauty sector in many big brands on an international level. She not only tried to counsel each aspirant and their unknown facts but also shared the numerous tips and tricks of beauty and skin care to create interest and awareness.

As she is a direct examiner from CIBTAC, she also spoke about CIBTAC that provides the accreditation of international level to your beauty course. With CIBTAC course certification, you can do a job or start your salon anywhere in the world.

During 3rd internal Seminar, students presented various cultural events. Instead of just modern look, they presented the different makeup looks like a number of tribal makeup looks, ancient looks, God looks, Punjabi look, bridal look, vamp look, horror looks and many more looks or effects that can be created with amazing beauty techniques.

These different makeup styles or looks were done by students themselves for their act. Also, all students who completed their graduation or course got their diploma during event celebrations. In short, the event was full of excitement, enjoyment, informative and most important creating awareness about beauty and health industry to the youth of today.

With a mission to train over 2 lakhs Students by 2020, Orane has trained around 40,000 students worldwide till now. We have beauty experts to train you necessary practical and theoretical knowledge to get perfection in your beauty skills.

Those who are looking for a graceful career after 12th should definitely think about something innovative or skill oriented. To counsel for your career or to know more about beauty scopes, jobs and placement, please visit Us @ oranebeautyinstitute.com.

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