Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology: Know the Difference Before You Choose a Beauty Course

Date: January 10, 2020

Beauty Therapy Course

When talking about beauty treatments and therapies, people often tend to confuse it with cosmetology. These are two entirely different concepts and need not be used interchangeably. Although both involve ‘cosmetic’ work and both drive towards enhancing beauty and aesthetics of appearance, there are many points of differences between the two.

Cosmetology involves more aesthetic implementations of beauty techniques, like styling, cutting, colouring, facials, expert manicures, pedicures, creating makeup looks, lash extensions, nail extensions, and so on. The concept revolves around anything that can be easily reversed and is more topical in nature. When learning cosmetology, the programs typically cover the outer areas of styling and grooming with knowledge of makeup and enhancement products. An Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology is what you should seek to become a job-ready cosmetologist.

Beauty Therapy, on the other hand, is more scientific and involves treatments, like laser treatment, dermabrasion, peels, botox, and fillers, etc. Beauty therapies are mostly irreversible and have long-term effects. As far as learning beauty treatments and therapies are concerned, they follow more advanced studies and require a detailed understanding of skin, hair, nails, etc. at a deeper level. A Certificate in Advanced Beauty can train you as a Beauty Therapist.

Choosing the right program

When you want to decide between cosmetology and beauty therapy and enrol in a program, weigh and balance the benefits of each subject. Do your research well, or visit your nearest Orane Beauty Institute to know more about a holistic program in each subject that covers everything that you want to learn. Also, assess your interest areas and strengths so you can choose the right program and leverage your beauty education to succeed as a professional in the future.

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