Career Options for Men in the Beauty Industry in 2020

Date: January 9, 2020

Beauty Industry Career in 2020

The beauty space targeted to men is expected to grow beyond $160 billion in the next couple of years, and it is the result of the increasing interest of men in grooming. This goes to say that the Beauty industry has endless opportunities for male beauty professionals who want to make a career and thrive in this space.

Here are some of the best careers men can choose in the beauty industry that will stay high in demand in the year 2020 and beyond:


Stylists today have more opportunities to grow than ever before. With male clients seeking more styling options, a male hairstylist can guide them towards the most trending cuts, colours, and looks for hair and beard. A Diploma in Male Barbering trains you professionally on various services, including haircut, shaving, hair treatments, as well as male hair tattooing. 


The colouring aspect of styling is continually evolving. As a colourist, you can specialize in hair colour services and work in a salon or become a style/colouring consultant to celebrities, models, and HNIs.

Nail Professional

Being a manicurist or a pedicurist is not restricted to female beauty professionals anymore. Even men have forayed into this space and work exclusively on nail care, nail art, and nail styling.


An esthetician is responsible for enhancing the beauty quotient with treatments and therapies, and male professionals are equally taking up the service space alongside women. You can Join Diploma in Cosmetology to train and practice skin, hair, and body treatments as an esthetician.

Massage Therapist

There is an increasing need for massage therapists owing to the demand for massages by men, as much there as, for women. From painful ailments, to stress relief, decompressing tired muscles, healing injuries, and promoting overall health, you can find many opportunities to establish yourself as a massage therapist.

Makeup Artist

More than most celebrated makeup artists around the world are mostly men. As a makeup professional, you can create dramatic looks and bring your own touch to the art you create. Also, the options for working as a makeup artist can range from a salon to being a freelancer, for television, theatres, movies, fashion events, and also as personal makeup artists for celebrities.

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