Benefits of Facials – The Most Underrated Beauty Treatment!

Date: November 8, 2019

facial massage

More than most people opt for a facial with the idea that it is merely a pampering treat for their skin or a way to look good. But that’s not all that a facial treatment can do for you. When done right, with the right products, a classic facial can yield a lot of underlying benefits, which many aren’t aware of. Skincare Specialists suggest an indulgent facial treatment at least every three or four weeks. It takes that much time for our skin cells to renew and with a proper facial, it keeps the new skin clean, toned, and nourished.

How do facials help?

1. Clean Skin

Exposure to pollutants, sweat, and harmful products regularly, clogs the skin pores. With proper cleansing, facials open the pores and clear the skin of any build-up. Exfoliation helps clean up the dead skin, keeping your skin healthier and adding a natural glow. For acne-prone skin, the cleanup also helps remove any bacteria, whiteheads, and blackheads, thus preventing further occurrence for some time.

2. Nourishment

Depending on your skin type, different products are used to clean, tone, and moisturise your facial skin, which can provide the much-needed nourishment. Beauty Experts choose facial kits according to your skin type. The active ingredients seep deep into the skin surface and boost skin health.

3. Reduce Stress

While we all experience it, we never quite analyse how the facial massage actually helps. Facial muscles are tender and undergo a lot of stress. They also are acupressure points for various parts of the body. During the facial massage stage, the pressure points are activated, which relieve tension and relax your facial muscles and connected organs. Also, lymph nodes on our face hold fluids, making the face appear puffy at times. A gentle massage eases out the fluid, thus keeping the face well-toned and feeling fresh.

4. Defy Aging

When the skin is clean and pores are unclogged, it helps absorb any product better. So it becomes easier for therapeutic products to enter into skin and boost cell regenerations, develop collagen, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, thus reducing signs of skin aging.

So, next time, you hop into a salon for a Facial Treatment, know that it’s not simply an indulgence, but ultimate therapy for your face and in a way, for your whole body!

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