Corrective Makeup : Tips-N-Tricks!

Date: May 29, 2020

Corrective Makeup

Yes, heard it right, makeup works magic on face. Corrective makeup is a technique by which the makeup artists use combinations and permutations of colors and shades to highlight or shadow ones facial features, creating an illusion of balanced and proportional features. For instance, a broad nose can be made to look thinner while a thinner one can be made to look broader or unequal brows can be made to look symmetrical.

Basically it’s a 3 Step Job: First, identify what needs to be corrected (eyes, nose, chin, jawline, cheekbones, lips, brows or forehead?). Second, what you need for corrections? (shades or equipment’s). Third, find the right shades to rectify the issue at hand.

While correcting features, mind the following points :
  • Highlighting makes a feature more prominent.

  • Shadowing makes it less noticeable.

  • Blend properly at the corrected areas.

Supplies you shall need while doing corrective makeup :

  • Lip lining pencils.

  • Variety of foundation shades.

  • Concealer in dark & light shades.

  • Eye shadow card with variety of dark and light colors.

  • Eye liner pencils.

  • Tweezers, makeup brushes, applicators and sponges.

Tricks for Eyes

  • You may make round eyes/small eyes look bigger by extending the eye shadow beyond the outer corners.

  • You may make close set eyes appear far by putting light eye shadow near the nose while darker shade on the outer edges of the lids.

  • Light and reflective colors shall make deep set eyes emerge, refrain from using darker shades.

  • You may lessen the prominence of big eyes by using a combination of dark to medium shadow over the prominent part of eyelid, blending it upwards to the brow.

Tricks for Face

  • Narrow Face: Try putting on lighter foundation on the outer edge of your cheekbones, shall your face look broader.

  • Round or Square Face: Blend a lighter shade of foundation on the T zone (forehead to tip f your chin), use a darker shade of foundation on the outer edges of temples, cheekbones & jawline. Blend it all properly, this shall give your face a narrower look.

  • Wide Jaw: Use a darker foundation below the cheekbones & alongside the jawline, shall make your jaw appear narrow.

  • Double Chin: Use darker shade under the jawline and over the hanging chin, shall draw away the attention from the chin.

  • Receding Chin: Use a lighter foundation to highlight your chin.

Tricks for Brows

Various corrections can be made by altering the shape of your brows, such as:

  • Just remember high arched brows make your face look narrower, may benefit round or square face but for narrow faces, try doing away with some hair from the upper edge of the arch and adding pencil color to the lower edge of the brow.

  • For correction of narrow forehead, you would want to reduce the arch of your eyebrows.

  • You may increase the distance between brows and lengthen the outer edge of the brows to make your eyes look broader.

Tricks for Lips

  • Use a lip lining pencil on the outer edge of thin lip to make an outline and fill it up with lip color, this will give an illusion of fuller lip.

  • Use a natural colored pencil just on the inside of the lips and fill it up with lip color, this shall give thinner look to already full lips.

  • When your lips are droopy on the corners, try lining the lips on the corners and fill up with softer color.

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