How to Ace Eye Shadow Application?

Date: August 31, 2019

eye shadow

‘Behind the most beautiful eyes, lay secrets deeper and darker than the mysterious sea,’ and a few layers of eye shadow and a makeup expert’s artistry that can glam up even dull eyes. The pop of colors whether shades of metallic or wine, bright or neutrals; eye shadow is the quintessential cosmetic in your makeup kit. On the other hand, eye shadow application is an art that is intricate yet it gives ample space for creativity. Here’s a quick reference on how you can ace eye shadow application and create stunning eyes:

1. Pick the right Shade

The fair sex often gets overwhelmed with the number of eye shadows present in their palette. As per celebrity makeup artists, it could be boring to use matching shades of eye shadows. Rather, women should pick complementary colors to make their eyes talk. Having said that, it is best to choose the eye and lip colors from the same color family.

2. Grab the right Texture

The second most confusing decision while picking an eye shadow is to choose the right texture. Your choice should be made on the basis of the environment you are getting ready for. If the venue is hot & humid, you must pick powder eye shadows; whereas for winter or cold surroundings, creamy eye shadows give the best look.

3. Choose the right brushes

Use a flat brush for applying the eye shadow. If you are blending two or more shades, then you must use a fluffy brush to give a professional touch.

4. Primer before Eye Shadow

Once you are done with your selection of the right shade and texture, it’s time to start the application of your eye shadow. Experts advocate applying primer before the eye shadow for it to stay longer and blend well. You may also use a nude base eyeshadow to give an intense effect.

5. Matte vs Shiny

If you are blending two or more colors or textures, then go by the rule of thumb which suggests using matte and satin eyeshadows on the crease lines and corners that you want to define, and frosty or shiny eyeshadows on the area of eyelid you wish to highlight.

6. Eyeliner

An eyeliner is synonymous to the holy grail of eye makeup. It brings out the best effect of your eye shadow. Also the best time to apply the eyeliner is after you are done with application of eye shadow. To add fantasy to your eye makeup, you must also use kohl in your lower waterline and create defined eyes.

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