Mistakes we Often Make While Applying Makeup

Date: September 2, 2019

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Makeup is every girl’s best friend. Though women think that makeup is their forte, there are mistakes that the womenfolk makes too often while applying makeup. At Orane Beauty Institute we take makeup seriously and here’s a cheat sheet that you must keep handy to avoid common makeup mistakes:

1. Light & Seating

The most crucial step before you start applying makeup is to be seated at a place where you get your realistic picture. For instance, if you are getting ready for a day party or event, it is better to sit in a place where you get natural light. On the other hand, if you are gearing up for a night party, you must apply makeup preferably with the lights on near your mirror.

2. Foundation

Women often get wrong with choosing the right foundation that enhances their complexion and covers the flaws. When buying your foundation, you must always test it on your jawline rather than at the back of your hand to see real results. When applying foundation, you should never skip to blend it on the face and neck area. This step is crucial as it will create an even complexion and leave no space for contrast.

3. Lipliners vs Lipsticks

This is another blooper. Women tend to choose their lipliner a few shades darker than their lipstick color. As per makeup professionals, the color of your lipliner and lipstick should be as much alike as possible. The concept behind lipliners is to contour your lips beautifully and enhance their shape, rather drawing a crease line and filling with a lighter shade.

4. Eyebrows

While fuller eyebrows are on trend, overdone are a faux pas. Choose a shade that is lighter than your natural brow color to get the maximum effect without looking forced. On the other hand, avoid drawing a line and then filling your brows, rather use the eyebrow pencil with soft and short strokes around your natural brow line to create the best look.

5. Eyeliner

While applying the eyeliner, women often stretch their eye area to get the perfect shape. On the contrary this is a big fail. This method can never give you the perfect lined eyes as the liner may break or create uneven line. Rather apply the eyeliner on your relaxed eyes and use the liner with the real picture in front of you. Another great tip is to always apply the eyeliner after you’re done with your eyeshadow application.

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