How to Keep Your Hair Colour Last Longer?

Date: January 3, 2020

keep your Hair Color Last Longer

Colouring your hair is fun and transformational. But imagine taking all the time, effort, and money to get a great look, and then the colour starts to fade sooner than you expected, leaving you to feel disappointed. It doesn’t have to be that way, because there are several ways to maintain your lovely hair colour and keep your hair healthy at the same time.

Check out these easy tips to save your hair colour from fading or discolouring:

Wash it right

Hot water opens up the hair cuticles, stripping the hair off its colour. Instead, wash with cold water or, at least, at room temperature. Always follow with a conditioner and rinse with cold water at the end to keep the colours locked in. Also, avoid washing your hair often, and stick to the two-wash a week routine. Washing too frequently is anyway harmful to your natural hair, and when it’s coloured, there are more chances of damages.

Always use shampoo for colour-treated hair

There’s a reason there are separate shampoos for coloured hair. Also, remember to use products free of Sulphates and Parabens to keep your strands shinier and healthier for longer. Harsh chemicals strip off moisture, leaving them dry, which make colours leave faster. Follow it with deep conditioning, and preferably a mask once a week.

Avoid direct sunlight on your hair

Direct sunlight causes discolouration of hair, just like skin. Always use a hair coat before stepping out in the sun or keep your hair covered if you spend too much time outdoors.

Use thermal protectants

Styling tools cause a lot of damages from heat, and heat is the main factor of hair colour fading quickly. Always use an anti-thermal product to save your hair from dryness, breakages, and discolouration.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Diet and sleep have a lot to do with hair health. A balanced nutritious diet, coupled with good sleep can keep your hair healthy. And when hair is healthy, it will also keep the colour in place by providing enough protein and vitamins.

Enjoy your hair colour for longer by following these simple and healthy hacks. Students enrolled in a hairdresser or hairstylist diploma and hair certification courses must learn these pro-tips so they can pass on the same to their clients, once they start their practice.

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