Orane’s Beauty Franchise Opportunity: An Ideal Low Investment Franchise Business in India

Date: January 23, 2024

An Ideal Low Investment Franchise Business in India

Are you searching for the perfect low-investment franchise business in India and feeling confused? Joining Orane as a franchise partner is the perfect route for you. And it’s one of the best low- cost franchise businesses in India. 

Before we go into details, why Orane is among the top beauty franchises and its perks. Let’s understand why investing in a beauty franchise is an ideal choice. 

Investing in this sector is the best decision you can make at present. You may ask why, and you should, because your hard-earned money is going to be invested, and you should judge every opportunity from all perspectives. Read on to understand why beauty academies and salons are the best options for franchises in India with low investment.

Let’s begin by understanding the demand, or should I say the continuous boom, in the beauty sector!

The High Demand in the Beauty Sector Makes It Ideal for Franchise Investment

According to the Economics Times, the Indian beauty and personal care market, which is the eighth largest in the world with a value of $15 billion, is experiencing 10% growth.

 Concurrently, according to Statista, household disposable income in India is expected to reach US$2.88 trillion in 2023, contributing to the growth of the beauty sector. 

This shift is fueled further by shifting consumer preferences, which are influenced by rising incomes and exposure to new ideas and technologies. This leads to a growing inclination towards adopting health-conscious and environmentally friendly choices among consumers.  

Furthermore,  as per the Economics Times, there has been a significant transition in the beauty industry towards professional and organized services, with the Rs. 25,000/- crore professional beauty and wellness sector (including salons, spas, parlors, barber shops, and clinics) in India exhibiting a commendable CAGR of 12% over the last decade.

This growth has resulted in an amplified demand for skilled beauty professionals, spanning various segments such as hair, makeup, skin, and nails.

This data clearly shows that owning a beauty franchise is an ideal low investment business opportunity in India. The booming beauty industry, rising disposable income, and changing consumer preferences make it a lucrative venture for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Why Choose a Beauty Franchise, Particularly Orane’s Only?

After understanding that the demand is not an issue with the beauty sector, you may want to learn more about the advantages of getting into a franchise business and becoming your own boss in the booming Indian beauty industry. 

This proven model offers a multitude of advantages, paving the way for success even with a limited initial investment. Let’s delve into the reasons why beauty franchises are the ideal springboard for aspiring Indian entrepreneurs:

Lower Costs, Quicker Start:

Forget about navigating complicated setup procedures and exorbitant initial investments. Beauty franchises come with already set infrastructure, which has proven itself most times, lowering startup costs and streamlining the launch process. For example, starting with Orane is the ideal low-investment franchise business in India. You just need to invest INR 30 lakh for the salon franchise and INR 40 lakh for the beauty academy franchise. After showing interest, you will be well on your way to begin your business within a few weeks.

Leveraging Brand Power:

The struggle for brand recognition is a major hurdle for independent businesses. However, with a renowned beauty franchise, you inherit a trusted, established name. Imagine the doors that fly open when a brand like Orane, with a loyal customer base and a solid beauty training reputation, backs you. Clients love Orane salons for top services, and students trust Orane for nail, makeup, skin, and hair courses. Moreover, just think about how easy it will be for you to attract clients for the salon and students who already hold your brand in high regard, eliminating the need to build trust from scratch.

Standardized Operations & Training:

Running a successful beauty business requires expertise in more than just offering beauty treatments or courses. As a responsible franchisor, Orane International provides comprehensive training programs covering everything from marketing and accounting to inventory management and customer service. You gain access to proven operating systems, ensuring smooth workflow and consistent service delivery. Think of it as a ready-made playbook for success, guaranteeing you hit the ground running with the right knowledge and tools.

Reduced Business Risks:

Navigating the business landscape can be filled with uncertainties. Owning a beauty franchise with Orane offers a safety net, mitigating many of the risks associated with independent ventures. This factor alone and the initial not-so-high investment make it an excellent low-investment franchise business in India. You benefit from established supply chains, standard operation procedures, and expert guidance from the franchisor.

The Dual Choices: Beauty Training Institute & Salon Franchise

Orane International presents an enticing opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs with two distinctive franchise options:

  1. The Beauty salon Franchise (Requires an investment of INR 30 lakhs)  (In tier 3, only INR 20 Lakh).
  2.  Beauty Academy franchise (Requires an investment of INR 40 lakhs).

Both choices come with a plethora of advantages that make them a lucrative investment in the competitive beauty industry.

Perks of Both Franchise Opportunities

  • Investors can relish high returns on a minimal investment; most can expect a remarkable return on investment (ROI) within just 18 months.
  • Orane International ensures comprehensive support, covering pre- and post-launch marketing assistance. 
  • Franchise partners can relish operational and placement support. 
  • A dedicated research & development department to enhance brand image, boosting sales and enrollment.
Space Required

A space of 1000 square feet is required for the Beauty Salon franchise (700 sq. feet for Tier 3 cities), while the Beauty Academy franchise needs 1500 square feet. This strategic size allows for flexibility and adaptability in various locations.

Wrapping up

If you are looking for a safe and low-cost franchise opportunity in India, opting for a beauty franchise emerges as an ideal choice. It is excellent for those navigating the landscape of low-investment ventures in India. As the beauty and personal care market experiences commendable growth in the country, the prospect of establishing a business in this thriving sector becomes increasingly promising. The demand for skilled beauty professionals and rising household disposable incomes solidify the viability of investing in a beauty franchise.

As stated in this post, Orane International stands out in this context, offering two franchise options—Beauty Salon and Beauty Academy. The practical advantages, including lower startup costs, brand recognition, and standardized operations, make Orane’s franchise model a pragmatic entry point for individuals aspiring to be part of the burgeoning beauty industry. Call +91-7341117097 for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Choose a Beauty Franchise in India?

The beauty sector in India is experiencing a significant boom, with a 10% growth rate in the $15 billion market. Rising disposable income, changing consumer preferences, and the transition towards professional services make it an ideal low-investment business opportunity.

What Are the Advantages of a Beauty Franchise?

Beauty franchises offer a quicker start with lower costs, leveraging an established brand’s power. Standardized operations, comprehensive training, and reduced business risks make it an ideal springboard for aspiring entrepreneurs in the booming Indian beauty industry.

What makes Orane’s offering of becoming a franchise partner an excellent low-investment franchise business in India?

Orane offers two choices – Beauty Franchise (30 lakhs) and Beauty Academy Franchise (40 lakhs). With high returns, a swift ROI in 18 months, and comprehensive support, Orane stands out as a lucrative investment in the competitive beauty industry.

How Much Space is Required for Orane Beauty Academy Franchise?

Orane’s Beauty Academy Franchise requires 1500 sq feet, ensuring optimal space utilization for classrooms, practical training areas, and administrative spaces.

What Sets Orane Apart in the Beauty Franchise Market?

Orane differentiates itself by providing a proven model with lower startup costs, a trusted brand name, standardized operations, and reduced business risks. The dual choices of Beauty Franchise and Beauty Academy Franchise cater to varied investment preferences, making it an ideal low-investment franchise business in India.

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