Is it good to have a preference for a particular brand as a Beautician or should you prefer to go with what customer demands?

Date: July 24, 2019

Beautician Institute

The beauty industry is saturated with professional makeup brands, yet we witness new product launches every now and then. As a beautician, you need to be up-to-date with what’s new in the market and also develop your own makeup kit with a brand that brings to reality the best of your creative side and is time-tested against any fallouts. On the other hand, beauticians often come across customers who would like to stick to their own choice of brand. In such a tricky situation, do you convince the customer and move ahead with your particular brand or you simply give a nod to customer’s demand?

Well, the solution lies in striking a balance between the two options, based on a couple of facts that become the basis of choosing a makeup brand. Let’s delve on what you must consider while making this choice:

  1. Skin

The first and foremost basis to go for a particular brand or cosmetic product is the client’s skin. You must analyse his/her skin and choose the brand that best matches the client’s complexion, texture and undertones.

  1. Event

It’s no secret that a certain makeup brand or product has edge over others for specific events like weddings, photoshoots, red-carpets, etc. While your client may insist to stick to her choicest brand, as a beautician you must present the best alternates if her go-to choice is not what you feel is the right match for the event. For instance, HD makeup products are quite apt for bridal makeups, so you may like to shift from your regular brand and opt for a different brand.

  1. Color-palette

Some brands ace certain color palettes. You can draw a comparison between your favorite and your client’s chosen product line to figure out which product can do better justice to the color palette in question.

  1. Allergies

This is a major consideration, always ask your client if they prefer a certain brand because it suits them more than others, leaving zero to least eruptions, acne breakouts or allergies, if any.

  1. Cost-involved

Lastly, the cost of products does matter. At times, the client may pay less for a makeup brand that you can use but not at the same cost.

A beautician’s soft skills come into the play when the customer demands are otherwise. As a beauty expert you must be able to put your point forward with utter professionalism, thereby taking the customer buy-in with dexterity. Also, in the beauty & Wellness industry, there’s no place for loggerheads, egoists, or high-headed professionals. You craft doesn’t matter if you can’t bring a smile on your client’s face while delivering your services in the most comfortable manner.

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