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Date: December 28, 2019

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Whether you are a youngster looking to launch your career as a cosmetologist or you are an adult looking for a career change, learning cosmetology from Orane Beauty Institute is going to be a life-changing experience for you. At Orane International School of Beauty and Wellness, we lay emphasis on giving you real-world, hands-on experience in a professional environment. Our industry-trained faculty, as well as trainees and alumni, have left their mark nationally and internationally in the beauty industry.

Cosmetology as a field has various roles under its ambit. At Orane Beauty Institute, various courses in cosmetology prepare you in diverse skills. You can become a beauty therapist to a master hairdresser, nail-art professional, or makeup artist, depending on the certificate course in cosmetology you choose.

As a career, cosmetology is a good choice for those who have a flair to groom others. The job opportunities are plenty in metros, urban and suburban areas alike. With the growing spending power of the middle class and awareness of advanced beauty treatments, cosmetology and derma clinics are mushrooming globally. In today’s day and age, a certified cosmetologist can earn well and have a satisfactory career progression.

If you want to be a jack of all trades then a diploma in cosmetology can train you on basics of beauty, hair and makeup. On the other hand, an advanced diploma in aesthetics and hair designs imparts expertise in advanced facial treatments like galvanic, glycolic peels, etc. while touching base with hairdressing, nail art, mehndi application and makeup artistry.

Courses in cosmetology further extend to postgraduate diploma in cosmetology as well as masters in cosmetology. In these extensive programmes, trainees acquire skills that are unmatched and become proficient in various facets of cosmetology for life.

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