Bleaching Your Hair? Four Things You Must Consider to Avoid Hair Damage

Date: December 30, 2019

Bleaching Your Hair

When it comes to coloring your hair with the perfect shade, there are only two ways to achieve it. You can either bleach your hair or use bleach like products. This is only applicable for people with dark hair since naturally, light hair can easily absorb any color. Although bleaching your hair regularly might not be a very healthy option for your hair, it is still the most popular way to get bright shades for dark hair, like blues, reds, caramels, etc. If you are on your way to getting your hair bleached, here are a few things to know before you do.

Always use a good quality bleach.

Investing in good products will always yield good results. After all, it’s your hair health. Bleach generally tends to dry your hair follicles and cause breakage, making them rough and weak. Hence, using a high-end product can at least save you from immediate damages.

Stock up on hair treatments.

Bleach works through the follicles and since they are chemicals, they can alter the structure and texture of your hair. Your hair tends to become more delicate than ever. That is why stock up on your hair treatments post bleaching. Use deep conditioning shampoos/conditioners and DIY masks, and save your hair from direct sunlight and heat (styling tools) as much as you can.

Expectations vs Reality 

Every hair type absorbs bleach differently, so what you see on your friend or on a shade card (despite using the same products from the same professional-trained hairstylist), know that your bleached hair can have a different shade and therefore, the colour that you will apply on it.

Always seek professional service. 

There are many DIY products that you can use at home, but always read the instructions carefully and run a patch test. However, experimenting with chemicals like bleach can be disastrous with long term effects, if not done properly. Hence, always go to a hair salon or visit a professional colorist to get the right effects safely.

Remember, hair colour depends on your hair, skin, geographical conditions, and even your health. So, always consider the pros and cons before bleaching. But when done right, it can enhance your look like no other!

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