Manicures are More Than Just Beautiful Hands, Find Out How?

Date: October 21, 2019


People often get manicures for Grooming, or to pamper themselves with a little beauty treat. But did you know that manicures come loaded with multiple health benefits? Apart from making your hands and nails beautiful manicures reach beyond the style factor, and contribute to your nail health as well as overall physical and mental wellbeing too. Here’s how:

Improves nail health

In the process of taking care of the rest of our body and mind, we often forget that nails are also important to be taken care of. For nails to remain healthy, they need to be clean of dirt and residue from various nail products, to prevent infections, breakage, etc. By exfoliating the dead skin, cleaning the enamel, and using nail-friendly products, manicures stimulate nail growth. With regular manicures, you can keep your nails healthy and stronger.

Enhances blood circulation

Our arms, palms, and fingers are at work all day. The nails and fingertips are essential nerve-ends, which stimulate multiple organs. During manicures, massaging your fingertips and hands improves the blood circulation around these working muscles and nerve ends, thus promoting better functions of various body parts.

Soft and smooth hands

Using a variety of harsh products, and washing our hands round the clock, can leave the skin dry and stressed. Particularly, cuticles, which can easily become dry and sore. With regular manicures, you can keep the skin on your hands smooth and soft, get rid of dry and dead cuticle skin, thus leaving your skin healthy.

Boosts mental health

Self-care is important to keep us emotionally healthy. With rich treatments like nail spa and Manicures, you allow yourself to relax and indulge in self-love. Such enjoyable experiences help reduce stress hormones, and make you feel good about yourself, thus boosting your mental health.

So, next time, you are thinking of getting a luxurious manicure done, know that it is not a sheer indulgence, but a significant wellness therapy.

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