The Most Trending Beauty Treatments of 2019

Date: October 24, 2019

Beauty Treatment

The world of hair, beauty, and grooming is constantly sprouting. Innovative products, style techniques, and treatments are making patrons up the ante on their grooming rituals. 2019 has been quite exciting so far, with unique treatments storming the beauty landscape. As we step up to conclude the year in a few months, let’s take a look at the top trends.

1. Eyelash Extensions
From lash lifts to semi-permanent extensions, you can now go full flutter with your eyelashes. Unlike the mainstream stick-on eyelash strips, extensions are more natural, last longer, and can be chosen across various materials (human hair, mink, faux mink, silk, etc.). You can customize the curl shape and length too and create a denser look.

2. Semi-Permanent Makeup
After eyelashes, eyebrows are the next hottest area of attention today. For fuller, well-defined eyebrows, ditch the age-old brow pencils, brow wax or threading, and opt for a more long-term semi-permanent solution instead. Techniques like eyelash and eyebrow tinting, and lamination, give a more natural look and a clean definition to your brows and eyelashes.

3. Gel Polish
Gel polish has been the hottest trend in manicures for some time and has become the ‘it’ thing in nail styling. Instead of traditional manicures and nail extensions, gel polishes last longer, give a smoother, shinier finish, and save your nail enamel from damages of strong chemicals and adhesives used in extensions.

4. High-tech Facial Treatments
Facial skincare is more in focus now than ever before, with treatments that provide long term solutions. People are moving away from dermal fillers and dramatic chemical peels to newer, innovative treatments like microdermabrasion, sclerotherapy, and laser-based treatments. These are not only popular but yield better results, without harmful physiological effects.

5. Body Treatments
With more inclination towards holistic wellness these days, body treatments are here to provide overall rejuvenation than localized remedies. They are organic and non-invasive and yet, penetrate deep into the body, enhancing your beauty inside out. Deep tissue and lymph node massages, aromatherapy spas for hair and skin, therapeutic wraps using traditional herbs and oils, and mud-based treatments, are highly in demand.

While the year might be towards its closing end, you can still opt for the top trends to take your beauty to the next level!

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