Myths and Facts about Getting Hair Treated at Salons Busted!

Date: April 6, 2020

Hair itself is a shining glory of the individual which to an extent reflects our overall personality. We should always style our hair to look our best and hair treatments (Rebounding, Smoothening) are the best options that we can do to get silky, shiny and smoother hair.

Now-a-days hair treatments are the more popular way to style our hair permanently. All these techniques (Rebounding, Smoothening, Keratin Treatment) not only give a stunning look but also easy to carry everywhere. However, we all have myths in our mind maybe by our mother or grandmother that we should not use blow dryers, hair colours, permanent treatments,etc.

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Generally, people have myths that hair treatments can damage the hair. Nevertheless, truth is altogether different.

Check out the common myths about hair that you may have heard and facts behind them.

# Myth 1: Smoothening or Straightening can Cause Hair Loss

Fact: Hair care products never initiate hair loss. Somehow, if you are losing too much hair, it’s better to go slow on such treatments or take hair spas to nourish your hair regularly.

orane - Straightening can Cause Hair Loss

# Myth 2: Colouring Leads to Greying and is Harmful for Hairs

Fact: Colouring does not affect the hair colour and nor does it aggravate an existing greying hair problem. It just changes the colour of visible layer instead of hampering what is below the skin.

orane - Colouring Leads to Greying and is Harmful for Hairs

Colouring cannot enter the follicles (root) of your hair. So, if hair below your skin is white, it stays white or if black then will be black only.

#Myth 3: Choose a Hair Colour that Matches Your Eyes

Fact: Picking a hair colour matching with eyes is not a good idea. What matter is your skin tone? Analyse whether you are having a cool or warm colour skin tone. Choose shades accordingly to compliment your skin.

orane - Choose a Hair Colour that Matches Your Eyes

If your skin has whitish or very fair texture, choose cool shades that are violet, ash and mahogany. For oriental shades (yellowish), brown side, opt in for a warm shade that may be gold, copper, and red.

#Myth 4: After Applying Conditioner, A Lot of Hair Fall Down

Fact: Conditioner seals the cuticles that were opened by shampoo. Applying conditioner adds lustre to dull and dry hair. It also protects them from breaking down at the time of combing. However, conditioner should not touch the scalp as it can make the scalp sticky and lead to a build-up of residue and dandruff.



The right way to apply the conditioner is to bend forward and let your hair fall in front of your face. Now gently apply the conditioner on hairs, preventing scalp. Rinse thoroughly to ensure no conditioner remains in your hair.

#Myth 5: Applying Daily Oil will Give Soft and Shiny Hair and Reduce Hair Fall

Fact: Oil massage is good for improving blood circulations but you should not keep it for long hours in your hair as it will block the pores. This way oxygen will not reach to the hair and ultimately lead to hair fall.  Moreover, it requires more shampoo to extract oil from hair that also takes away the natural shine of your hair.

The alternative/better option could be applying conditioner throughout your hair regularly.

You can also opt-in some salon treatments like Power-Dose or Hair Spa.

orane - Applying Daily Oil will Give Soft and Shiny Hair and Reduce Hair Fall

Power Dose is a protein treatment that strengthens the cuticles, conditions the hair and gives it sheen. Hair Spa is a luxurious hair massage treatment that enhances blood circulations and improves hair growth.

In short, treating your hair can never be wrong if done correctly and precisely. Additionally, you can carry your treated hair with every type of outfits whether its jeans, skirts, capris, high-heels, sarees, suits, kurtis, dresses, etc. The good part is that you can carry them in all functions or parties without worrying about any hairstyle.

For more myths and facts, please call our beauty experts at Orane. If you want a detailed separate blog on any of hair treatments (rebounding, smoothening, colouring, keratin treatment), leave your comments below and we will do the work for you.

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