Orane Institute Imparting Beauty Education to Deaf and Dumb Through Special Teaching Techniques

Date: April 6, 2020

Hearing and speech impaired individuals often find it difficult to pursue an education in beauty and wellness. This is often because a regular classroom setting is not conducive to meet their needs fully.  Not only do they find it difficult to grasp what the trainer is talking, but they also find it difficult to voice their questions or concerns to the trainers.

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They often go from one school to another in search of efficient training programmes, but fail to find a school for deaf and dumb, which exclusively caters to their needs. A school where special attention is given to them and where they are taught with specific methods to help them make the most of each course they take.

Keeping these difficulties in mind, Orane teamed up with Speaking Hands Institute for the Deaf in Rajapura, Patiala to help these talented yet differently-abled individuals realize their dreams. Orane Institute of Beauty and Wellness is known for its wide range of short and long term beauty courses. We offer a variety of beauty courses, ranging from hair design, nail art and make up, to nutrition, weight management and spa therapy. These vocational courses are much sought after by a horde of talented students, who need a strong knowledge base and hands-on practical training, before they can head out into the world on their own.

We want to impart this knowledge and education of beauty culture to the individuals who are deaf and dumb. But, we decided it would be best if we sought from the experts. That’s why we connected with the Speaking Hands Institute to understand how we can train these students efficiently, so they could independently work in their chosen field of beauty.

And here are some of the initiatives ways we came up with in collaboration with Speaking Hands to bring about a change in the lives of these individuals!

  • We use the special sign language for deaf and dumb, so they could communicate clearly with the trainers as well as with their peers.
  • We provide both theoretical and practical training for the students to get to grips with the techniques, tools, and processes.
  • We provide all the required training material to the students so they have access to them at all times.
  • We offer a wide range of beauty courses with different time frames to suit students’ time availability and requirement.
  • We award a merit certificate to all the students who complete the course successfully.
  • We help the deaf students with job placements after they complete the course so that they don’t have to struggle to find employment.

If you’re one among the many talented people who can’t speak or hear, remember, no challenge is big enough to stop you from realizing your true potential and reaching your goals. If beauty industry is what interests you, we’re here to help you!

If you have any doubts about the courses offered, how they are conducted, the duration, the tests, certifications, and more, just connect with us at Orane or get in touch with the Speaking Hands institute.

Speaking Hands Institute in Patiala also provides hostel facilities for their outstation students. So, no matter where you stay, you can register for a course with Orane and make a successful career in the field of beauty and wellness.

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