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Date: April 6, 2020

From Social Butterflies to Corporate Women, the fair sex wants to look diva-like and powerful every single day. Women who are mostly on-the-go due to business travel or family reasons, find it difficult to visit beauty parlours every two weeks for their basic beauty and hygiene needs like waxing, threading, bleach, facial, manicure, pedicure, etc. On the other hand, waiting for an entire month is not just feasible in today’s fashion-conscious world.

A short-term course in personal or self-grooming can make you independent for life from regular visits to the beauty parlours. It can not just save you money, but time too that otherwise gets wasted while sitting in the waiting lounge for your turn. What’s more, you can just shower some self-love by grooming yourself at the comfort of your home at any time of the day, week or month.

At Orane International School of Beauty and Wellness, we’ve got your self-grooming needs covered, from tip to toe, from hair styles to make up, and from routine skincare to draping sarees for special occasions. Orane’s fifteen-day Certificate Course in Self-Grooming is popular amongst women of all ages, be it teens, tweens or women in their thirties and beyond. The course covers basic everyday skincare routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing (CTM), wherein trainees get to know the right technique to do CTM and the right products to use according to your skin-type. Participants are then trained on skincare and haircare methods to ensure you nurture a flawless skin and a healthy scalp that adds to your crowning glory.

The self-grooming course then moves forward with self-bleach and facial to achieve a blemish-free look while pampering yourself with soft strokes that infuse blood circulation in every nook and cranny of your beautiful face, removing blackheads and dead skin cells and lending a healthy natural glow in the long run. Self-manicure and pedicure techniques are covered in detail so that you maintain beautiful hands and feet that are far from nail infections and soothing when held with love. Furthermore, nail-art is a rage for the fashionable generation and you get to learn it in the self-grooming course by Orane.

Timely self-waxing is taught to ensure basic hygiene as well as to never make you miss a chance to wear your favourite skirts, shorts or sleeveless tops. Similarly, the art of self-threading is imparted so you look sleek and on-point each day while going to office, attending a kitty-party or looking fab any given day.

For special occasions, self-hair styles, make-up and five styles of draping the great Indian Saree are covered in the personal grooming course by Orane Beauty Institute. When special invites come unexpected, you don’t have to rush to a parlour to look the diva you are. You’ll be ready in a jiffy when you know how to make hair-styles yourself, do make-up that best suits your face and how to drape your favourite saree at the comfort of your four walls. No more carrying your outfits and spending two hours in a beauty salon to show-up for a party.

The art of Self-Grooming is True Independence! Call your nearest Orane Beauty Institute today or fill the Contact Us form to know more about self-grooming courses in India.

Much Self-Love!

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