Spend Vs Save – Where to Invest in Your Skin Care

Date: March 31, 2020

Skin Care

Prominent Hollywood Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist Linden Tyler has rightly said, “Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time.” However, one has to be smart enough to differentiate between the skin care products that need to be indispensable and those that are not too important to spend hard earned money upon. Here I am not just going to tell you about the two categories but will also give you a reason why you should or why you shouldn’t, spend on a certain skin care product.

Let’s begin with the ones that you don’t have to spend much upon. These might be the ones that you may have been spending a good amount for. So, reading this might save you a lot of money.

Mascara has a brief shelf life of maximum three months so it’s smart to not indulge on this one. “All mascaras irrespective of their price, tend to dry out quickly, so spending much on it is not advisable. Using a proper brush any mascara that’s available at a decent store, will serve the purpose.

Lipstick/Lip Gloss
In case you prefer a signature shade every once in a while, then go ahead with MAC lipsticks. But if you’re worried about extra costs, then good news is that the Maybelline tube will work just fine. The difference between an expensive glossy lipstick and a simple one is that the former looks prettier on your nightstand. You just need to ensure that the ones you are using have right nourishing and moisturizing elements so that your pout gets the gleam it needs. Lip products also have a shelf life so buy the less expensive ones and go for suitable colours. The prices should not bother you to try seasonal trends too whenever you wish.

The key to finding the right Bronzers and blushes is to know what works best with your skin type. Expensive packs may end up making you look as flushed as a cheaper one can; Try applying these as minimum as possible because even the best of the bronzers and blushes can make you look clownish if applied in excess. Most people will only require just a small amount of blush so, don’t binge a large amount of money on a small amount of blusher.

There is a large variety of effective and affordable cleansers available in the market so you don’t need to spend a lot for something that does the job well. Look for products suitable to your skin type. Those with dry and sensitive skin should reach for a mild, creamy cleanser like Cetaphil. It will effectively remove makeup and dirt without disrobing the skin. Oily and acne-prone types should try a cleanser with beta-hydroxy acids like salicylic to exfoliate and prevent blemishes.

In a moisturizer, look for ingredients that act as an invisible barrier on the surface of the skin. These ingredients help your skin maintain its moisture levels but they don’t actually absorb into your skin. So, I would advise not to spend much for a pricey lotion rather look for a basic moisturizer that suits your skin type.

Makeup Remover 
Read this piece of advice carefully if you are a makeup lover and your profession demand to apply makeup every day. A powerful makeup remover can soften your makeup instantly making the entire cleaning process quick and easy. For this, you don’t need a pricey makeup remover to get the gathered grime and the makeup cleansed away from your face.
If you are using waterproof makeup such as waterproof mascara, gel liner, and lip tint, you need an oil-based makeup remover. Oil-based makeup will dissolve all your makeup without leaving any residue. In other cases, micellar water is a great option to remove any impurities on your face.

Face Cleanser
The thumb rule to have a healthy and glowing skin is to keep your skin clean. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend your money on expensive face cleansers. Many expensive cleansers feel really luxurious to use because they are rich and foamy, however that turns out to be just a misbelief. The fact rather is that a foamy cleanser takes away your skin’s natural moisture and disrupt skin’s PH level.

Toners not only double cleanse your skin but also balance your skin’s PH level and prepare your skin for the following skincare products. No matter how expensive your toner is, the main ingredient is the aqua means water. Which means toner just adds moisture to your skin so, you need not go for expensive toners at all.

Sheet Mask
Sheet masks are used as an extra boost or treatment to your skin. It is packed with active ingredients that will immerse your skin in intense hydration in 20 mins of time. Depending on the ingredients of the sheet masks, their prices vary. If you just want a boost of hydration or blemish control, you don’t have to splurge on this item. However, if you want an anti-aging sheet mask, it might be worthwhile to spend a little extra money to improve the skin’s bounciness and fine lines.

Lip Balm 
Lip balm is an essential item for your lips. It protects and moisturizes your lips from cracking and flaking. Vitamin E, beeswax, and petroleum jelly are the most common ingredients that you can find in a lip balm. These ingredients are not expensive at all. In addition, the skin on our lips is very delicate and thin. You want to avoid using harsh and harmful ingredients on it. Over 80% of the lip balms are petroleum-based jellies, just like the lip balm from Vaseline.

Now let’s get on to the products that you will need to spend on in order to get best results.

With product technology advancing, foundation is no longer your first step in makeup, but your last step in skin care. According to Rick DiCicco, Global Makeup Artist for Artistry, “Foundation is an area you want to spend the money—for two reasons: the options and the technology. High quality foundations make your skin look smoother, cover dark spots better, and diminish wrinkles and fine lines, while also incorporating the skin-care benefits you desire.”

Not only Rick but every makeup artist will give a resounding yes for the best foundation because your skin is the choosiest part of your face. You really need to identify a formulation that works best for your skin type. This process is also essential to ensure that your skin maintains all that good stuff it soaked up from your skin-care routine.

Why you need to splurge on eyeshadows because pricier shadows tend to be made with better pigments, they will last longer and blend better. “If you choose to wear eyeshadow, you need a product which is highly pigmented to ensure it stays on all day,” says Murat Evin, Creative Director at The London School of Make-Up. So, it’s better to invest in eyeshadow that stays long and withstands tears, sweat and rain.

Makeup brushes
“Having the right tools is everything. Investing in good brushes will ensure the best makeup application. With proper care, they can last years!” – Celebrity Makeup Artist Lori Hamlin Penske.

Cheap makeup brushes will often shed its bristles on your face, leaving stray hairs that you have to try and pick off without ruining the foundation you just perfectly applied. Do not get lured by those freebie brushes in your makeup kits and glam bags and always go for the best quality applicators.

Always Be kind to your eyes and opt for a gently gliding pen or pencil liner. While cheap eyeliners can look the same as the expensive ones when first applied but duration of application will prove why cheaper ones are better be avoided. These tend to rub or break apart during the day. Even the waterproof ones will be so “waterproof” that you will have to scrub your eyes until they’re practically red when trying to take it off.

Do not mistake serums to be like moisturizers as unlike moisturizers, serums are designed to sink into the skin and treat it with high concentrations of active ingredients. Serums are formulated in a smooth and smaller molecule that will penetrate deep into your skin. Pricier products in this category generally contain more potent and effective ingredients that provide visible skin benefits. Look for serums specialized to your desired results, whether you’re hoping for firming and tightening or just some serious moisture.
Whether it’s fine lines or dark spots, as long as you are using the right serum, you should be able to see results on your skin if you use them consistently. It is an effective treatment that will expel your skin concerns.

Sun damage can cause premature aging, dehydration, dark spots and even skin cancer. So, sun protection is essential to protect your skin from sun damage and other external assailants. A normal sunscreen may end up with sunburns, more dark spots or ugly white cast. It’s very hard to find a sunscreen that is easy to use, lightweight and protect you from the sun. So, definitely splurge on your sunscreen to make sure your skin is protected.

Cleansing Device
Cheaper cleansing devices have a strong vibration and brush head that can hurt your skin once used every day. Ensure that you but one that is gentle to use every day without hurting your skin. If you look at its price point, you might wonder is it really worth to spend your money on this device when you can wash your face just fine with your hands? Well, a good cleansing device makes a difference in cleansing and is worth the investment. It lasts a long time, and honestly, it’s not like a phone that you’ll need to update every year. As long as it still works and cleans your face thoroughly, you don’t even need to get a new one.

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