#TomBoyChronicles : At-Home Tricks for Glowy You!

Date: March 29, 2020

Home Tricks for glowy

Dear Diary, this is a tomboy penning down her thoughts!

Coming from over 2 decades of hostel life, I have been in no-self-maintenance and ready-to-run mode. Never really stopped to mull over what(s) and how(s) of atypical beauty regimes until the thirties hit me. And trust me when I say, “It does hit one hard!”

Skin starts drying up and metabolism goes for a toss. Hence joining Orane 3 years ago was an eye-opener in true sense. Learnt some “at-home” tricks for skin from the experts at Orane!

1. RAW MILK makes you fairer, use it to wash your face!

2. HONEY being a natural anti-bacterial agent, if used on face, keeps away pimples and fades scars away!

3. BESAN or gram flour being a natural exfoliator removes the dead skin! Try using it as a wash-away mask.

4. Another magic buzzword is LEMON! Being high on Vitamin C, it increases or rather facilitates melanin production in your skin.

5. CUCUMBER helps! Other than eating it in ample quantity, try putting grated cucumber on your skin, makes it lighter with its high on PH level, it restores the glow of the skin.

6. Other than tasting good, POTATO has high starch and Vitamin C which helps in reducing the dark patches on skin.

7. PAPAYA has a magical ingredient aka papain which is a skin lightening enzyme, it reduces blemishes and acne.

Yes, you go girl, glow-hard this summer!

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