Top 5 Hottest Nail Trends to Jump on This Summer

Date: July 31, 2023

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Nails and hair, like clothes, change with the seasons and adopt new trends. This month offers the perfect opportunity to try out new nail trends as the season swings between a sunny summer and a rainy monsoon.

If you’re just hanging out, bored of the old nail fashions, and want to try something of your own, you can take a nail art course from the best beautician academy near you. But if you’re not that much into creativity and still want to experiment with something new, here are a few tricks up our sleeves that you would definitely love to try:

Waves and Lines

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During the period of lockdown, this style became extremely fashionable. Asymmetrical hand-drawn waves on nudes or transparent pinks look excellent with taped lines and waves. Add some glitter with tiny rhinestones if desired. Well, here’s how you can do it: Paint the base with a transparent or translucent pink, then use your brush to draw freehand waves (no more than two to keep it unobtrusive), and then finish with a top coat.

Summer Jungle

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On your nails, try wildflowers, animal prints, and leaves. Because the pattern would be too bright, keep it to a minimum of two hues. You can make the forms, such as a maple leaf and a cheetah print, with nail art stamps or tape. Here’s how to get the look: Use two complementary colours, such as a nude and brown or mustard and deep orange, to achieve the look. Coat your nails in the darker colour, then stamp or freehand the pattern in the lighter colour.

Jelly Nail


Jelly nails are made with a light wash of colour that resembles a beautiful lip gloss for your nails. Get a new bottle of your favourite clear polish, as well as a highly pigmented shade. Begin by setting aside the top of your clear polish bottle. Next, place the brush of your pigmented polish over the top of your clear polish bottle and add a large drop of colour into the clear bottle. Shake it up, and you’ve got yourself some jelly polish.

QUICK TIP: Jelly nails work best with gel extensions, so a nail extension course can help you get a better understanding of how to make them work.

Sombre Ombre


Choose contrasting pastels that are not too warm or vivid. This normally takes a little more time, but it is a terrific look for both parties and casual days. How to pull this off: For this, you’ll need an eyeshadow sponge. Allow the lighter colour to dry before applying the darker colour to the sponge and dabbing it on the ends of your nails. Flip the sponge over and repeat the process, patting it as you go up. Repeat 2-3 times more. Finally, apply a clear topcoat.

Negative Space Alert


If you’re a design junkie, you’ll simply adore this trend. Just dab your colour on the sides or bottom of your nail, leaving the majority of your nail blank (clear coated). The negative space highlights your natural pink, like a sunny primrose. Here’s how to go about it: Use a clear or translucent nude to paint your base. Add your choice of colour in a swoosh at the base of your nail, or vertically paint a quarter of your nail. Finish with a topcoat and a second coat.

Since you’ve made it this far on this blog about nail trends for this summer, here’s a BONUS:

Gems Nails


One of the most popular Instagram trends is to simply paint your nails a different, contrasting colour on each finger, such as purple or mauve, yellow or mustard, baby pink, deep red, olive, or mint. This one is pretty straightforward to achieve and as easy as it gets. Keep comparable colours apart, so it appears as though you chose the colour at random.

And after being so far on this experimental journey, there must have definitely been a desire within you to take this up professionally or as a passion. Either way, you’ll still have to learn, and if you’re considering learning, then why not from the best?

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You can pursue the professional nail art course offered by Orane International, India’s #1 institute for beauty and wellness. They offer hands-on practical and theoretical knowledge pertaining to the industry, further supported by expert trainers from leading institutes, that help you get industry-ready, land high-paying jobs, or start your own endeavours. So get ready to follow your passion and rule the summer with your nail art.

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