Which Freelance Beauty Professional do You Want to be?

Date: October 31, 2019

freelance beauty professional

Are you an aspiring beauty professional, who has the right skills, a creative streak, and lots of ambition? Then you might want to explore various options, including a freelance beautician and/or a stylist. After all, who doesn’t want to be their own boss, travel the world, while they earn on-the-go!

If you are looking to become an independent beauty professional, then here are a few high-paying options to consider:

1. Makeup Artist

As a freelance makeup artist, you can offer your services for weddings, fashion events, or to celebrities. You can also position yourself as a makeup consultant. As you travel and meet new clients, you can grow from being a makeup artist to a sought-after beauty professional and explore newer domains.

2. Cosmetologist

A cosmetologist goes beyond topical fixes and enhances the beauty quotient inside out. They know what works best for every skin and hair type. You can work with makeup artists, estheticians, and more and offer consultation for hair and skin treatments, makeup, and styling. As a consulting cosmetologist, you can also explore collaborations with celebrities as their go-to beauty professional.

3. Spa Therapist

Wellness therapies are currently high in demand. From skin rejuvenation to facial skincare, healing treatments, and holistic therapies, there is immense scope in alternative beauty regimens. As a certified spa therapist, you can offer your services at resorts and retreats, cruise ships, and hotels. You can work on a contractual basis within your city, country, or even travel international destinations.

4. Hairstylist

As an artist who creates innovative looks with hair, you can learn a lot more when you travel, work, and showcase your skills. When you explore beyond a stationary job, you can learn newer trends in styles, cuts, coloring techniques, and hair treatments, and expand your horizons as a freelance hairstylist or hair expert.

5. Nail Technician

As an independent Nail Technician, you can go beyond manicures and pedicures and learn nail art and nail treatments, thus making your services all-encompassing. With different clients, you will find different challenges and keep upgrading your skills.

As a freelance beauty professional, you will have endless opportunity to visit new places, network with people from different backgrounds, expand your clientele, and also showcase your work across different environments. The exposure to different cultures and communities will enhance your creativity and allow you to learn newer trends and strengthen your skills.

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