5 Career Options for Professional Makeup Artists

Date: December 13, 2019

Professional Makeup Artists

If you have a natural talent for making people look exceptional with the help of makeup, then you have the entire beauty industry to explore and establish yourself as a professional makeup artist. While you are training to become one, you would want to know where your career choice takes you. Listed below are the best career options that you can avail as a makeup artist.

Bridal Makeup Artist

As far as the Indian makeup industry is concerned, this is a huge market and promises growth. Your clientele will not be limited to brides but also include their mothers, bridesmaids, etc. and across all wedding events and parties. This allows you to visit new places on work, and network with prospective clients. Your work will get appraised right then and there. However, weddings can be a high tension environment and if you can survive that, you have a promising career in this field.

Makeup Artist for Salon

You can also associate yourself with a salon as a makeup artist. Your place of work can give you ample opportunities to work with regular clientele and have complete peace of mind when it comes to the financials. Working in a salon also means that you will work with cosmetologists, estheticians, and beauty professionals which will also help you increase your knowledge and keep yourself updated on industry trends.

Beauty Blogger / Vlogger / Influencer

If you have a flair for writing along with your makeup skills, then this is the most trending career option for you. You can start by creating different looks, build a portfolio, talk about the best makeup and beauty products, review them, share tips, tricks, and hacks on makeup and styling. But the business of blogging will take time and effort for you to establish. It is a zero-investment career, and once you grow and build your presence, you can also become a beauty and makeup influencer.

Freelance Makeup Artist

This gives you ample flexibility to take up any assignment with any kind of client. You can choose to work for brides, models, celebrities, or events. As an independent business owner, you will need to establish yourself initially and build your network. But once you do, you can grow phenomenally, and be your own boss.

Makeup Trainer

This is also a great option if you want to extend your learning and knowledge to other aspiring makeup artists. There is a great demand for beauty and makeup professional trainers, and you can tap into that space through workshops, interactive sessions, or join an academy as faculty.

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