Career as a Makeup Artist in India: Scope, Qualification & Salary

Date: February 15, 2022

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Beauty makes the world go round! No wonder it is a booming industry, creating millions of jobs as a makeup artist with lucrative salaries. But take heed folks, the business of beauty is serious. Everyone wants to look beautiful, glamorous, and trendy, but it requires continuous efforts, maintenance, and pampering. For this, they turn to professionals, who have done a makeup artist course from renowned institutes.


Scope of a Makeup Artist

Let’s take a dive into the various career opportunities and scope of a professional makeup artist. The possibilities are endless here, and if you have talent, creativity, and passion, you will soon have a flourishing and dazzling career as a makeup artist with stars lining up for appointments. You will be able to create stunning looks with your imagination, experimentation, and professional makeup skills, and reap financial gains while having fun.

So, if you want an exciting lifestyle and thrive under tight deadlines, the career of a professional makeup artist is perfect for you.

Celebrity Makeup Artist

Equipped with a makeup artist course, you can start your career as a celebrity makeup artist. Though this profession is highly rewarding, it is very demanding as well. Be prepared for tight schedules and travel at a moment’s notice while accompanying the stars on their shoots. Sometimes, you may have to work for hours at a stretch as you create exquisite beauty while transforming faces with your makeup skills and talent. Your dedication, persistence and hard work is sure to pay off as you gain valuable experience that will further your career prospects as a professional makeup artist.

If you are passionate about learning the tricks of the trade, assisting an established makeup artist will work wonders. You can watch and learn as you soak in the professional environment.

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Theatre Makeup Artist

Have imagination and creativity? A career as a theatre makeup artist after a makeup artist course is sure to take you places. A face is a blank canvas, and you can enhance, highlight or hide features to tell a different story each time. Sometimes, performers may require specialty makeup and you should be ready to rise to the challenge. Travel is again a huge part of your career as a makeup artist as you accompany production houses to different locations.

Fashion Shows

The images of a ramp model travel the world. They inspire and motivate millions to don a particular makeup look. So, your rich experience, ability to experiment and being aware of the evolving international beauty trends are a major part of this creative field. The dramatic looks you create have to be in tandem with the “mood” and “feel” of the garments, accentuating their high points.

Retail Store Makeup Artist

The scope of a professional makeup artist as a brand representative or in retail is unlimited. Equipped with knowledge and skills after completing a makeup artist course, understanding and familiarity of trending makeup products comes in very handy here. This career path entails introducing and demonstrating products and their correct usage to consumers as well as retail stores. As you shuttle between several makeup counters, you will gain hands-on experience, expertise, and skills to carve out your dream career as a professional makeup artist.

Spa or Salon Makeup Artist

Career opportunities as professional makeup artist are limitless in a Spa or Salon. A makeup artist is the soul of a Salon as he readies the client for special occasions or their big day. This includes creating special looks for weddings, parties, or social gatherings. All you need is a certificate in makeup artist course. You are now ready to work your magic on the bride, making her shine and glow on the biggest day of her life… helping her make memories that last a lifetime.


No higher education? No worries! You can join most makeup artist courses after completing your Class 10th or Class 12th. There is no specific eligibility criteria to become a professional makeup artist. Aspirants can enroll in the courses offered at top beauty and makeup institutes In India without any previous knowledge of makeup and beauty or related equipment.

You can join as an amateur and emerge a trained, skilled, and professional makeup artist, ready to make a mark in world of showbiz and glamour.


A dream job with financial stability as well? What can be better? Makeup artist salaries in India are rising constantly, and jobs are growing. Whether working for an establishment, Salon, or freelancing, you can earn a huge amount of money. It all depends on your experience, expertise, and skills. Starting with a package of Rs. 15,000 per month, you can even take home up to Rs. 5 Lakh, if you become one of the top makeup artists in your city.


So, are you awed and inspired by the glitz and glamour of the makeup industry? With unlimited scope and job opportunities, it affords amazing lifestyle choices and earning capacity. You can create trendsetting glamorous looks and develop your signature style that sets you apart as a professional makeup artist.

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