How to Become a Beauty Expert

Date: April 6, 2020

a girl guiding how to become a beauty expert

Are you that person who’s looked upon as the Miss Know-All of Beauty Tips? Do you friends take your advice when a tiny pimple spoils their morning? Or Are you the one who has an intrinsic interest in the beauty and wellness industry?

Well, if the answer to these questions is a firm ‘Yes’, then you have what it takes to become a beauty expert. Thousands of youngsters across the world are kickstarting their journeys in beauty and wellness industry to make a lucrative career while following their passion. Influencers on YouTube and Instagram are making money in five to six figures monthly by sharing beauty tips. The innate human desire to look good is the reason why the beauty and wellness industry is thriving and has high growth rate as compared to any other sector of the world’s economy.

If you too want to become a beauty expert then you must lay a strong foundation for your career with beauty education leader – Orane International School of Beauty and Wellness. Our courses and certifications in various categories of beauty, hair and wellness have helped over 35000 trainees across India and abroad to fulfil their dreams by becoming a Beauty Expert.

College pass-outs or drop-outs, men or women, or anyone who wants to become a beauty expert must consider three crucial points in their quest viz:

Identify your Interest

There are various categories within the beauty and wellness domain. Whether you want to become a cosmetologist, a dermabrasion expert, an advanced facial expert, or a beauty therapist, the choices are plenty which is why beauty aspirants must identify their interest while starting off their careers in their choicest domain.

Select the Right Course

Trainees can choose from various courses at Orane in the beauty segment like Certificate in Aromatherapy, Certificate in Dermabrasion, Diploma in Cosmetology. At Orane, trainees can enrol in international certifications from CIBTAC in the beauty segment, viz CIBTAC – Certificate In Facial Services, CIBTAC – Certificate In Facial Electrical Treatment, CIBTAC – Award In Facial Electrical Treatments, CIBTAC – Diploma In Beauty Therapy Services. The formal professional guidance upgrades your skills and boosts your confidence while certifications add credibility to your resume.

Check Courses to Become Beauty Expert

Choose the Right Beauty Institute

Candidates must ensure that they choose the right beauty institute to get the basics right. Make sure you are learning from industry experts who cover practical as well as theoretical aspects in their courses. Opt for a beauty institute that offers placements or job assistance as that will add pace to your career as a beauty expert.

Give Your Heart & Soul

Lastly, to succeed in the beauty and wellness domain, it is as important to learn the techniques as much as doing your work with all your heart. Trainees must put their 100% while pursuing the desired course to ensure best learning outcomes. Also, beauty experts must present themselves as cheerful and caring individuals who can understand the clients’ queries and address their concerns.

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