How to Choose The Best Makeup Course for Yourself?

Date: April 6, 2020

Choice of a career always needs proper planning followed by right step during the initial years itself. If you see yourself as skilled makeup artist, you need to get the skills and the best thing you can do is advanced makeup course that gives you theoretical and practical knowledge. Makeup is an art to apply cosmetics and even prosthetics on human body just like painting on the canvas.  There are various level like beginners, advanced and pro to learn this art. In this article, we will discuss most popular makeup course options to choose as a career.

Essential Information

From Special Effects Makeup to Fashion, Theatrical, and Bridal Artistry, there are many things in makeup to learn and choose as a career option. Based on your interest, you can select for which level you want to go for. First of all, you need to find the best makeup school for you that offers certified and licensed beauty education through courses of 1-year to 2-years cosmetology programs. These programs may result in a certificate, diploma in cosmetology.

Here is an outline of common concepts taught in makeup courses:

  • Makeup techniques
  • Various makeup looks
  • Safety procedures
  • Client preparation
  • Corrective application
  • Colors and tones
  • Working with lighting
  • Professional planning

Most Popular Makeup Courses

Certificate in Art of Makeup:  Most of the makeup courses are designed to give you complete learning from basic to advanced skills. However in Orane International, we have categorized the course at various levels so that you can learn the things based on your requirements. During this introductory course, student can explore theoretical concepts behind the makeup technique along with hands-on practice (along with using makeup tools). Specifically, this course put focus on:

  • Science behind skin care
  • Analyzing facial characteristics
  • Identifying skin tones for base matching
  • Tool and brush selection
  • Color theory
  • Basic application techniques

Certificate in Bridal Make-Up

Once you master in basic skills, you can upgrade to the next level and learn the art of bridal makeup. If you want a career as a makeup artist than you should do this course as bridal makeup is one of the high earning field. A skill bridal makeup artist can earn 20K plus easily in a single event. In this course, we put special focus on:

  • Airbrushing
  • Applying false lashes
  • Highlighting and contouring facial features
  • Shaping brows
  • Utilizing light and makeup techniques for photography

Diploma in Professional Make-Up

This course is the next level if you want to become a professional and try your hands in media or TV industry. In this course you can learn:

  • Different types of eye makeups
  • Eyelash application
  • Red Carpet Look
  • Media Makeup Look
  • Fantasy/modern bridal look
  • Bronze tan look and much more

Advanced Diploma in Pro Make-Up Artistry

This is the most advanced level of makeup course. You can learn after completing all other levels. This course will teach you how to sculpt the face that used in theatre, Bollywood. You will teach how to give an entirely new look or represent them in any new character. Here, we will train you in the theory of makeup, working on base, creating flawless base, face sculpting, makeup look, metallic makeup, airbrush makeup, and much more.

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