Join a Short-Term Beauty Course with Orane International and Earn in 6 Digits

Date: April 6, 2020

Are you looking for a career that gives you a salary in 6-digits after your school or 12th? All parent wants that their children should get high-earning career and that’s why run to the most demanding academic career options like Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, and Architect. However, these are not just the career options to earn in 6-digits. Look around, you will get ample options to get a high-profitable career.

In this article, we introduce a plan-B for those who want to learn something new. Do a short-term beauty course with Orane International, which is a growing chain of institutes in Asia and get ready to step towards high-earning career field. Beauty and wellness is a growing industry and here, you can get more options than academics. According to NSDC, skilled workforce in beauty and wellness sector would grow thrice as much, from 40 lakhs in 2013 to 1.42 crores in 2022, making it the fastest growing job creator.

Let’s understand this fact by an example. In beauty and wellness industry, there are thousands of jobs but comparatively fewer applicants and academics have completely vice versa.


Furthermore, you need 5 or more years to get the expertise in any academic career after grade 12. Whereas in beauty industry, you can get the expertise in less than or equal to two years. In addition, you can start earning in just 1 month by doing a short-term beauty course. It is a good option to earn side income until gaining the full-time expertise. There is no such option in academics.

earn side income

Apart from above, beauty and wellness industry gives you a chance to work with famous celebrities if you acquire the right skills. There are options to work with TV stars, Bollywood celebrities, media, and start your own salon suite. Choose the right institute that is accredited by right body to kickstart your career in beauty industry. With right skill set, you can earn in 6 digits or even more anytime and anywhere.

So, are you ready to give your career a new direction that will not give you skills but the high-earning opportunities? For more information on popular beauty courses, please give us a call or drop your queries in the comments section.

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