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Date: April 6, 2020

Are you worried about your career? Do you want a highly profitable career that matches to your interests? If you are obsessed with your skin, beauty, hair, makeup then why not make it your career. Start your career in the beauty industry, which is the fastest growing and the most sought career point after 10th or 12th. Everyone wants a career that provides the 100% job assistance along with name, fame and money. Don’t you? Look at the makeup artist of Bollywood celebrities. Do you know how much a famous makeup artist earns? You can also be the one if you have right set of skills and a prestigious name ahead for your beauty course.

Not everyone has to become an engineer, doctor, C.A, Lawyer, Architect etc. Even you don’t need to go to college and complete your MA to get a good career. You have an opportunity to build your career in beauty, hair and makeup.

Furthermore, beauty and wellness is a career of ample opportunities. Be it beauty salons, cosmetic salons, fitness clinics, healthy resorts, Bollywood movies, TV, Media, Cosmetic firms etc, you can start your career anywhere. So, why wait? Take the first step towards your dream career. Join your favourite beauty course with Orane and get 100% job assistance.

Orane offers a wide variety of beauty courses based on beauty, hair and makeup. You can alone set your priorities and can choose the course accordingly. For example, if you want to build your career in the film industry or media as a makeup artist then you must have the advanced knowledge of different makeup style, makeup effects, character-based makeup and more. So, you should enroll yourself for our advanced cosmetology course. In the same way, to make your career in fitness, choose any fitness special course.

Orane provides you the opportunity to work with big brands such as Lakme, Color bar, Kaya etc. along with 100% job assistance. Also, you can become an entrepreneur by taking a franchise with Orane.

So, enroll yourself today in your favourite beauty course and get 100% job assistance. For more information, please contact with our beauty consultants. You can also drop your query in the comment section along with your mobile number or email address so that we can give you call back.

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